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Dip Chin Assist

This is remarkable gym equipment that assists the user build shoulder, pectoral and rear deltoid muscles. It has a knee pad that can be folded away while doing the exercise. The stack of weights can be adjusted easily for required weight. Nortus Gym provides the best quality dip chin assist machine.

The Dip-Chin Assist Machine of Nortus Gym provides a full-body workout. It targets all the major muscle groups. It can be used in both assisted and unassisted modes. The knee pad on the machine provides assistance while doing dips. If not required, the pad can be folded and kept away. The multiple-chin up handles provide for varied gripping. The machine is built using high-grade steel and is strong and durable. The machine is safe to use by a user of any fitness level. Get the Dip-Chin Assist Machine from Nortus Gym at a competitive price.

Key Features of Dip Chin Assist Machine:

  • Foldable knee pad for unassisted exercise
  • Adjustable handles for exercise variation
  • Neatly arranged weight stack for easy adjustability
  • High-tensile cable for smooth movement
  • Multiple chin up handle
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