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Nothing can be as fantastic for strengthening muscles and burning calories as Free Weight Machines. Convenient and cost-effective to use, this incorporates into your fitness routine and ensures better functionality. Nortus Fitness is one of the foremost Free Weight Machine Manufacturers in Delhi. Our Fitness Machines can add to your commercial gym and give end-users value for money.

Features Of Our Free Weight Machines:

  • Highly Functional: Their functionality can be trusted, as it allows one to perform different sets of weight loss or muscle gain training.
  • Ensure Easy Weight Change: Commercial Free Weight Machine is easy to adjust, as you can change the weight according to your body requirements.
  • Better For Beginners: These are easy to handle and suitable for beginners as well as trained exercisers.

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We are considered reliable among the best Free Weight Machines Exporters and Suppliers in India. Our Commercial Gym Equipment fits specific gym needs and stipulated budget. If you still have some queries, feel free to have words with our experts now.

Sculpting a body is all about making every muscle of the body to challenge itself. Free weight strength training is the best route to challenge all the muscle groups in the body. To give your customers the best possible way to gain muscle, choose our Free Weight Strength Series Equipment. Unlike weight machines, these equipment are not constrained by fixed vertical movement. They can be moved in different directions to target the required muscle groups. Weight plates can be loaded and unloaded as per the need.

We offer the best quality Free Weight Strength Series equipment in the whole of Delhi NCR. The equipment is made of high-quality materials and is engineered to perfection. They are designed keeping the end-user in mind. We guarantee the high-quality performance of our equipment.

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Serving From More Than 30 Years

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