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Leg Press

Nortus Gym Selectorized Leg Press is a perfect machine for toning those legs. Made for fitting any kind of gym, the machine gives excellent results for the efforts you put.

The Leg Press in a seated position is the best machine for building strong and powerful legs. The machine can be adjusted for variations in the workouts. It provides for seat angle adjustability with a ratchet system. The seat slider works smoothly and efficiently. The whole machine is manufactured using high-quality materials. Nortus Gym is the leader in providing high-quality gym equipment in Delhi NCR. We follow industry best practices in manufacturing our products. we are the top leg press manufacturers in India. Try our Selectorized Leg Press Seated to get value for your money.

Key Features of Leg Press:

  • Sold built with high-grade steel
  • Large steel footplate for adjusting the leg position
  • Liner guide-way system
  • Back support
  • Ratchet system for adjusting the seat
  • Neatly arranged weight stack for easy adjustability
  • High-tensile cable for smooth movement

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Serving From More Than 30 Years

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