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Pull Down Machine

Pull Down machine is an essential piece of gym equipment that targets muscles on the back. The Nortus Gym Pull Down machine is exquisitely designed to provide maximum impact for the user. Persons of any fitness level can use the machine with ease.

Key Features of Pull Down Machine:

  • Double horns for weight plate loading with ample space
  • Dual knee cushions to protect knees while working out
  • Cushioned seat for comfortable positioning of the body
  • Gripped handles for effective pulling down of weights
  • Comfortable and stable finish
  • Hard rubber floor stand protects from damage to the floor

Pull down exercises builds latissimus dorsi muscle on the back. A pull-down machine thus must enable adduction and extension movement of the shoulder joints while keeping the feet firmly rooted on the floor. The Nortus Gym Pull Down machine is designed to perfection to provide maximum impact for the user. We follow industry best practices in manufacturing our products. We keep the safety, comfortability, and utility of the end-user in mind while designing our products. The Nortus Gym Pull Down Machine is the best you can get in the market.

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