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Rowing Machine

Targeting muscle groups on your chest and back, the Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Best Rowing machine of Nortus Gym is a perfect machine for getting a sculpted body.


Key Features of Rowing Machine

  • Double-horns for weight plates loading
  • Dual Weight holding stacks
  • Cushioned seating for comfort
  • Angled handlebars for better positioning of the arms
  • Solid built for a stable machine

Made for both beginners and regular gym-goers, our rowing machine strengthens back and chest muscles. It has a great finish and uniquely built. We use high-grade steel pipes and industry-grade welding techniques to give strength and durability to our Gym machines. We keep the safety, comfortability, and utility of the end-user in mind while designing our products. The Nortus Gym Row Machine is the best you can get in the market.

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Serving From More Than 30 Years

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