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The Nortus Gym Biangular Plate Loaded Rowing is a unique machine designed by the best of the best biomechanics engineers. The biangular movement of the machine allows for targeting the back muscles effectively.

Rowing is one of the best exercises to train back muscles. The biangular plate loaded rowing from   Nortus Gym provides proper momentum to have a rowing effect o the back. It has inbuilt seat and front pad adjustability.

Nortus Gym is the industry leader in manufacturing Commercial Strength Equipment. Our team of biomechanics experts take great care in designing, manufacturing and delivering our products. We follow international best standards in manufacturing our gym equipment. They go through extensive testing for performance and stability. Our gym machines are safe and secure to use. We guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices.

It is time you increase the members of your gym by choosing Nortus Gym’s Biangular Plate Loaded Rowing.

Key Features of Rowing

  • Double horns for weight loading
  • High tensile cable
  • Front pad support with posture adjustability
  • Adjustable seat with a ratcheting system
  • Metal footplate

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Serving From More Than 30 Years

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Serving From More Than 30 Years

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