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Steam Generator

A gym with a Steam Room is definitely going to attract more customers than the one which does not have it. These rooms are known to help the occupiers relax, relieve muscle pain, and aid in weight loss. Nortus Gym provides the best steam generator equipment for your gym at competitive prices.

Steam rooms are enclosed areas where water is pumped in the form of hot steam. The typical temperature in a steam room is between 35-55°C. It has 100% relative humidity.

The steam room provides many health benefits. For a gym-goer, it helps in easing muscle soreness or muscle pain, aids in weight loss, improve skin health, betters blood circulation and relaxes every part of the body.

The steam generator set of Nortus Gym is best in the whole of Delhi NCR. Designed and manufactured by professionals, our steam generator is highly efficient. We follow industry best practices in manufacturing our products. Make your gym more attractive with Nortus Gym Steam Generator.

Key Features of Steam Generator:

  • Fixed 45 minutes of heating time.
  • Digital display for temperature.
  • Heating status LED indicating.
  • Self-diagnostic function and error message display.
  • Lack-water and over-heat protection
  • Time range: 45 minutes
  • Temperature display range: 6-60°C (43-140F)
  • Temperature adjustment range: 35-55°C ( 95-131F)
  • Fixed 45minutes of heating time.
  • Digital disply for temperature.
  • Heating status LED indicating.
  • Self-diagnostic function and error message disply.
  • Lack-water and over-heat protection
  • Time range:45minutes
  • Temperatur display range:6-60C(43-140F)
  • Temperature adjustment range:35-55C(95-131F)
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