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A Treadmill is an indispensable part of any gym, as it helps you do endurance training, cardio training, or do a cool-down exercise. Thanks to their innovative design and advanced technology inbuilt, these are ideal for continuous heavy use and ensure hassle-free service for years. Renowned among reliable Treadmill Manufacturers in Delhi, we at Nortus Fitness always employ reliable material and the best techniques to comply with industry standards.

Top Reasons To Choose Our Treadmills:

  • Inbuilt With Strong Motor: Offered Treadmill is inbuilt with an electric motor that ensures high stability, durability and quality.
  • On/Off Button: Commercial Treadmill again has buttons that make working with them effortless for the exercisers and protect them from getting into any trouble.
  • Have Functional Display: Most of its models come with a small LED display that gives complete information like heart rate, calories burn and more.

Buy Treadmill Online With Us!

We are one of the preeminent Treadmill Exporters and Suppliers in India. Other than that, we deal in different Commercial Gym Equipment that you can browse on our website and order according to your specific preferences. Give us a call or drop your enquiry to take this discussion further.

Best Commercial Treadmill Suppliers & Manufacturers. Nortus Gym presents you with a Motorized Treadmill with a digital display. No one can miss it when it is in your gym. The machine is stylish in design and exceptional in working. It makes cardio workouts fun and helps achieve fitness goals. Choose our treadmill and see your gym memberships grow. 

Key Features of Treadmills:

  • Elegant design that attracts everyone
  • Digital display with various performance indicators
  • Pre-set workout programs that challenge the user
  • Clearly highlighted emergency stop button
  • Ergonomically designed handles for a solid grip
  • Motorized treadmill tests your endurance levels Bottle, towel, and mobile phone holder

The Treadmill is an essential part of a gym. It is a great fat burner and builds endurance. The Nortus Gym Treadmill all the more attractive and enhances the value of a gym. It has excellent functionality, great built, pre-set cardio programs, clear display, accurately measures the metrics and much more.

Nortus Gym is the industry leader in the field of Treadmill Manufacturer in Delhi. Our team of professionals takes great care in designing, manufacturing and delivering our products. We follow international best standards in manufacturing our gym equipment. They go through extensive testing for performance and stability. Our machines are safe and secure to use. We guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices. That is why we are the best Treadmill Manufacturers in India.

It is time you increase the members of your gym by choosing Nortus Gym Treadmills. We are India's largest manufacturer and supplier of treadmills in Delhi/NCR and supply to the whole of India. 

More Selection Ellipticals Machines Manufacturer

  • MOTOR CONTROL : AC Drive Solid State (Sensor Less Vector Control
  • DRIVE MOTOR : AC 4.5 H.P. 220 volts 3 Phase Treadmill duty motor designed especially for treadmill with superior cooling characteristics
  • SPEED RANGE : 0-18km/hr.(in 01 kmph increments)
  • WORKOUT PROGRAMS :10-pre-set programs(including speed & elevation)

More Selection Ellipticals

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