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The Nortus Gym Multi-Press machine adds great value to a gym. It is designed by our biomechanical experts keeping the end-user in mind. The machine targets the shoulder and chest muscles of the user.

The Nortus Gym Multi-Press machine is a single piece of equipment that performs multiple functions. It can be used to train both chest and shoulder muscles. It stimulates the movement of barbells and dubbed presses. The weight stack allows for easy increasing or lowering of weights. The roller-glide carriage allows the bench to be positioned at various angles. The equipment is made using high-quality and high-strength materials for greater performance. We follow industry best practices in manufacturing our products.

Key Features of Multi-Press:

  • The bench can be positioned at various angles from 0-90° for targeting various muscles.
  • The press bar has multiple grips for exercise variation.
  • The handlebar simulates the movement of the barbell and dumbbell pressing.
  • Weights are stacked orderly for easy adjusting
  • High-tensile cable for smooth movement
  • Cushioned upholstery for comfortable seating
  • Long durability
  • Exquisite design
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