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Seated Row

Rowing is a great way to build those back muscles. Nortus Gym presents you with Selectorized Seated Row, that makes rowing both fun and challenging. When placed in a gym, this machine gives the place a rich look and attracts more customers.

Seated Row majorly targets the back muscles but it will also help in training the biceps, triceps, and forearms. The Seated Row machine being provided by Nortus Gym is above class. The machine is designed to perfection by the best designers and engineers. 

Nortus Gym is the industry leader in manufacturing Commercial Strength Equipment. Our team of professionals takes great care in designing, manufacturing and delivering our products. We follow international best standards in manufacturing our gym equipment. They go through extensive testing for performance and stability. Our gym machines are safe and secure to use. We guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices.

It is time you increase the members of your gym by choosing the Nortus Gym Seated Row machine. We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of the Seated Row machine in Delhi NCR.

Key Features of Seated Row

  • Tightly knit upholstery with foam for comfort
  • Footplates made of aluminium for perfect alignment of the body
  • Stacked weights at an optimal distance from the body for easy adjustment
  • A Strong cable that can withstand heavy weight load
  • Ergonomic design allows for the full lower back stretch
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